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A journalist and photographer with more than 15 years experience, Rebecca Weiner knows that big stories are made of small moments.

Rebecca has made a career of seeing and documenting the small details that reveal what a story is really about. And that skill counts most when you're telling the biggest story of all: childhood.

That's the perspective Rebecca brings to photographing children: an abiding belief that a child's personality reveals itself in the everyday details of life.

Rebecca works in a black-and-white documentary style -- on location at your home, or wherever your child is him- or herself. She believes in photographing kids as they really are -- quirks and all -- rather than staged portraits.

Her favorite poses don't involve smiling and saying "cheese."

When the lightening-quick journey of childhood has passed, it's the small details you'll want to remember. They're the moments Rebecca Weiner turns into memories.

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